Ultra-Premium Water 12 Pack


Water with a purpose.

NDO H2O is the hard working water that never takes a day off on you. Perfectly formulated with our ultra-purification process & proprietary blend of essential minerals, packaged in a planet friendly tall boy aluminum can.

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Still H2O

Truly good water is still not easy to find. So, we created a pure, crisp, perfectly balanced ultra premium water with our proprietary blend of essential minerals to help you crush your day.

  • Alkaline water with pH 8.1+/-
  • Perfectly balanced taste
  • Proprietary blend of essential minerals
  • Environmentally friendly aluminum can
  • Sourced, canned & delivered in the USA
Sparkling H2O

When you want to treat yourself for owning your day, without the guilt, we’ve created sparkling water perfection. Brighten your day & taste buds with our ultra-premium bubbles.

  • Crisp, light & refreshing
  • Gentle carbonation - just the right amount of bubbles
  • Proprietary blend of essential minerals
  • Environmentally friendly aluminum cans
  • Sourced, canned & delivered in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Mr Morris

I love this sparkling water.

Scott Ryan

Perfectly delivered love the taste


Clean, crisp taste without metallic/aluminum flavor. Tightly packaged.

Siesta Time

Kids Like the can, wife likes the taste and I look like a champ. All products should be as simple, flavorful and good for you.

Dave K

Amazingly refreshing. I’ve had Liquid Death at concerts and other events and this is tastes much cleaner. Will absolutely order again.

Ultra-premium hydration.

By combining the reverse osmosis purification process with our proprietary blend of essential minerals, we've created the purest water on the market.

Better for your performance.

Your hydration is the single largest health factor completely in your control. No matter what you strive to achieve, NDO H2O will give you the hydration you need to perform your best.

Better for Earth.

It's no secret that our planet is choking on plastic pollutants. We believe the future of packaged water is through recyclable aluminum cans.

Proven Purity

Our reverse osmosis process results in a water that is contaminant free, microorganism free & PFA free. So pure you need to taste it to believe it.

Essential Minerals

Quench your body’s thirst with the essential minerals your body needs most; calcium, magnesium & potassium.

Optimal Performance

Our water has an optimal pH balance that will awaken your body on an intracellular level. Feel better, and perform better with our ultra-premium water.