The story behind our badge

Why The Dog?

Our logo is more than just an image; it represents our core values and the essence of who we are. The choice of a pitbull as our logo is rooted in the traits, history, and symbolism of the remarkable breed. Just as the pitbull embodies resilience, loyalty, and determination, so do we.

Characteristics of the American Pitbull Terrier

The American Pitbull Terrier is a breed known for its unique blend of strength, loyalty, and heart. These dogs possess a set of characteristics that not only define them but also inspire us at No Days Off Premium Water.


Pitbulls are known for their unwavering loyalty, often standing by their owners through thick and thin. This mirrors our dedication to our customers, ensuring we never take a day off in delivering premium quality.


With a zest for life and boundless enthusiasm, pitbulls approach each day with a desire to make the most of it. At No Days Off, we share this passion, striving to provide the best every single day.


Remarkably affectionate, pitbulls are known for their unconditional love and desire for human connection. Our brand aims to foster a similar bond with our customers, built on trust and genuine care.


Pitbulls are renowned for their determination and never-give-up attitude. This trait is central to our brand philosophy of No Days Off, symbolizing our relentless pursuit of excellence.


Agile, explosive, and powerful, pitbulls are the superheroes of the canine world. Our products are designed to fuel an active, dynamic lifestyle, embodying the athletic spirit of the pitbull.


Known for their goofy and fun personalities, pitbulls bring joy and laughter. We aim to bring a similar sense of joy and positivity to our community.

Historical Significance

The All-American Dog

Throughout history, the pitbull has been celebrated for its bravery and loyalty. During World War I and World War II, Pitbulls served as the nation's mascot, symbolizing the courage and steadfast spirit of the American people. Their image was proudly displayed in wartime advertisements, representing resilience and unity.

This rich history of valor and dedication makes the pitbull a fitting emblem for No Days Off Premium Water, a brand that prides itself on unwavering commitment and strength.

modern perception

From Misunderstood to Beloved

Today, pitbulls are gaining more positive media attention, thanks to education and advocacy efforts. These initiatives aim to promote an accurate image of pitbulls, showcasing their true nature as loving and loyal companions. Prominent figures like Jessica Biel, Jon Stewart, Kaley Cuoco, Rachael Ray, and Jennifer Aniston have all embraced pitbulls, helping to reshape public perception.

At No Days Off Premium Water, we stand with these advocates, believing in the power of education and the importance of understanding.

Support Pitbull Advocacy:
Help us continue to promote the true nature of Pitbulls and support ongoing advocacy efforts. You can make a tax-deductible donation through and support the work of Ace Of Hearts Inc below.

Our Brand Philosophy

The Pitbull logo embodies the values we hold dear at No Days Off. It's a symbol of our commitment to never taking a day off for our customers. We believe in the power of inclusivity, creating a culture that welcomes everyone without judgment. Our mission is to help each person reach their highest potential, promoting personal growth and self-improvement. Just as the pitbull is often misunderstood, we recognize the uniqueness in everyone and celebrate our differences.

The NO DAYS OFF Movement

The NO DAYS OFF movement began with a simple idea: to inspire people to never take a day off from striving to be their best. Over the past 15 years, this movement has grown from a small group of believers to a widespread community. We are committed to fostering a culture of perseverance, inclusivity, and continuous self-improvement. Join us as we continue to push boundaries and inspire others to embrace the No Days Off philosophy.

The Symbolism

A Symbol of Unwavering Commitment

Our pitbull logo is more than just an image; it’s a badge of honor and a symbol of our unwavering commitment. It represents our dedication to staying true to our values and our mission.

Just as a pitbull is determined and resilient, our logo stands for our relentless pursuit of excellence and our promise to our customers. It’s a visual reminder of our commitment to quality and our belief in the power of perseverance.

Purpose Over Product

The Why Behind Our Water

We believe in selling more than just a product. Like iconic brands such as Nike and Apple, we focus on the 'why' behind what we do. Nike sells the idea of overcoming odds with its slogan "Just do it," and Apple sells a challenge to the status quo.

Similarly, we sell a commitment to a lifestyle of continuous improvement and relentless dedication. Our pitbull logo encapsulates this philosophy, reminding you to stay determined and embrace the No Days Off mindset.