About Us

NO DAYS OFF Premium Water is more than just a can of water; it's a symbol of dedication and commitment. It represents the idea that success is not achieved overnight, but through consistent effort and hard work. By drinking NO DAYS OFF Premium Water, you make a statement that you are serious about your goals and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them.


A Word From Our Founder.

15 years ago, when I started Legacy gyms, I saw an opportunity to create a fitness system that was powered by a philosophy that truly inspired people.  That philosophy, No Days Off, is at the heart of everything I do and it’s powering the No Days Off brand far beyond the gym walls.

I get asked all the time, by clients and in interviews, what is one easy thing people can do to get healthier?  Drink more water.  Really.  Studies show that people are chronically dehydrated, and I’ve seen it myself.  Your body can’t perform at its best if it isn’t hydrated.  But what I came to realize is that not all water is actually good for you.

People need to drink about a gallon of water per day.  And if you’re going to drink that much, you need to make sure it’s pure and replenishing your body with the minerals it needs.  Not all water brands deliver that, and it shocked me.  Many water brands care far more about the package or the “cool factor” than what’s actually in the bottle, or in our case, the can.  I wanted to change that.

I developed No Days Off Premium Water to be the best water on the market.  Period.  Crisp, clean, refreshing, replenishing, thirst crushing water.  Lab tested and proven, No Days Off Premium Water is truly ultra-premium water.  Loved by our gym members and anyone who’s tried it.  I created it for everyone committed to becoming better versions of themselves, every single day.  

You deserve to drink the best as you become your best.  Whether you’re a professional athlete, or working two jobs to make ends meet, if you’re out there grinding and making the effort, then you are one of us.  We celebrate YOU.  You are No Days Off.

- Manning Sumner

Proven Purity

Our reverse osmosis process results in a water that is contaminant free, microorganism free & PFA free. So pure you need to taste it to believe it.

Essential Minerals

Quench your body’s thirst with the essential minerals your body needs most; calcium, magnesium & potassium.

Optimal Performance

Our water has an optimal pH balance that will awaken your body on an intracellular level. Feel better, and perform better with our ultra-premium water.

Stay Updated, Stay Hydrated